Why Burn Pellets?  The reasons for choosing wood pellets to heat your space is simple. Here are the Four E’s:          Easy – Simply fill your stove with pellets and routinely clean the ashpot and clean-outs         Efficient – BTU is 8400 +, and less than 0.1% ash         Economical – Pellet home heat is consistently more economical than coal, oil or electric.         Environmentally Friendly – Our pellets are made from sawdust and shavings providing a useful and productive end to mill byproducts. Pellet fuel is also the most environmentally friendly with less carbon emission than coal oil natural gas or electric.

 Pellets in 15 kg bags

 Pellets in bigbags


 Wood Shavings

Pellets in 15 kg bags

    PREMIUM PELLETS                                        LIGHT PELLETS


ENplusA1 certified      RU011                                   A1 certified





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For domestic users we offer pellets in 15 kg bags.


Highest quality coniferous (100% Siberian Pine) PREMIUM pellets. ( certified ENplus A1 RU011)

Highest quality coniferous (100% Pine) LIGHT pellets. (certified A1)


Bags 15 kg

Pallete 66 bags/pal.     990 kg netto     

Truck 22 pal.        21,780 kg netto

Deliveries anywhere Europe.

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